28 April 2014

And then it's home time...
I could eat bread pudding every day for breakfast. And look, they spelled my name right!
2400 calorie pasta, still room for blueberry white chocolate cheesecake.

27 April 2014

Now for some actual fries... and an awesome burger. Great restaurant, but in a strange part of town... some eerie utopia straight out of a twisted movie. I shudder.
After roaming around a photo art fair, vegan food for dinner. Travelled a bit far for this... more research next time.

26 April 2014

Awesome day with Victor!!!! I've always wanted to hunt down a food truck. It was really easy to find the truck... not so much the parking. Kimchi quesadillas and pork and short rib tacos. Messy and awesome.
Green #1 for me, Green #2 for Victor
Victor's recommendation
This crodough caught our eye... yum
And then some farm to table goodness for dinner at a gastropub. Our waiter was adorably awkward but very kind. Everything was delish. Special mention to those smashed potatoes!! Had a great sweetness... they were laced with something... Dessert were ice cream sandwiches from another food truck I wanted to visit - what an excellent coincidence.

25 April 2014

Supposedly the best ramen in LA... hmmmm...
Pizza for dinner with Alex and Franco
And then crepes... and some late night donuts.

24 April 2014

Breakfast - pecan pancakes and a GIANT cappucino
A decent seafood lunch followed by subpar cupcakes... I need to go back and get me some Sprinkles!!! Grrr...
Rehydrating for the trip back
A stop at in n out for dinner. Ok, the burgers were good. But the fries. Oh the fries. Are they fries? They are trying to be, but don't quite cut it. They are potato sticks. TOO HEALTHY. And oddly crunchy. It was fascinating how non-frieslike these were. I was really taken aback when I tried them. Still weirded out. Gosh.