28 February 2011


A cheerful-looking chocolate lava cake! It's so happy to see me.

26 February 2011

25 February 2011

French toast for breakfast :D

24 February 2011

Roast beef from yesterday for lunch. Still so gooooooood
Thai red curry and satay noodles before a show.
Coq au vin on a bed of gnocchi and mushrooms
Chicken and corn soup
Seared red snapper with leek profiteroles, green beans and chorizo butter
Grilled salmon with mixed beets
Mojito cupcake
Assorted cookies - double chocolate, chocolate truffle, orange madeleine 

23 February 2011

A trip out of town yesterday with Anson. Obama cookies!
And for lunch today we made a ROAST! Mmmmmmm...

21 February 2011

Anson and I can officially tell the difference between halibut and haddock. 

20 February 2011

Dinner at home
Late night dinner last night of POUTINEEEE. Wow it looks gross.

19 February 2011

Enough of this. Better food soon

5 February 2011

Art field trip! "It's not a school bus!!" Food from the market and beaver tails with Megan <3 p="">

3 February 2011

Almost a snow day today... My class happened to be cancelled but I still had responsibilities on campus early in the morning. Breakfast made me feel better :) Anyway, remember to check your email.