30 October 2014

Dinner with Papa and Garen.

28 October 2014

26 October 2014

After a hike, LUNCH

24 October 2014

This, I think, had a whole can of tomatoes.

22 October 2014

Donuts. Not really.

21 October 2014

18 October 2014

Night market. What a disappointment. So sad. First off, had a ramen burger. This, of course, was not the original ramen burger, which I'm sure is all sorts of amazing. What we had instead enraged me. I guess I didn't expect all that much, but my expectations went from somewhat low to -10000 when it took them a whole 2 seconds to bring us our food. Also, the chips. Was this a joke? They were definitely trolling us, like, "hey our burger sucks but at least we're nice enough to give you a free side of lays potato chips, enjoy your meal!".
If the picture isn't enough, let me explain my horrid experience. I have not had the pleasure of enjoying an actual ramen burger, but I trust the 'buns' aren't poorly formed, unpleasantly crunchy stale slabs of unseasoned instant noodles. And the patty looked like it was the last patty of the batch to be formed, just big enough to pass off as a patty instead of a meatball but too small to satisfy anyone with a bigger appetite than a hibernating bear. Can I also add that this did not at all resemble the picture they had at their stall. Not that things ever look as good as the pictures, but I think I'd be able to sue, it was so far off. Photoshop would not be able to save this burger. I ingested half of this gross matter, because it was $48 (in hindsight doesn't seem like too much cause I'd pay a lot more so I wouldn't have to eat it) and I hate wasting food. But you know what? What upsets me most about it is that the people behind this sorry excuse for a burger actually had the audacity to go through with it and sold it to the unsuspecting, innocent victims of the night market. How could they do this to us.
That was the worst of it, but there was not much redemption for the rest of the evening. We had these Chinese pancake things (which I actually watched many, many youtube videos of, here's one). It looked pretty good, smelled pretty good, definitely had way more potential than that burger but still very disappointing. I don't understand how something with so much sauce could taste like thin air. It was like having a sandwich but all the filling fell out in some freak accident and you're just left with bread. But no, it's not the same as eating plain bread because if you were eating plain bread you'd at least be mentally prepared and know it was plain bread.
Gavan is a smartypants, but I thought I was the smartypants when it came to food. He made a good choice tonight, which was this chocolate pudding thing. "What are those pudding cup things called? I love those" and then he gave me his koolaid smile.
And to top off this three course meal of bad decisions: this popsicle. I don't think this recipe was taste tested, at least not by someone with functioning taste buds. It was supposed to be caramel peach crumble, which sounds so incredible, I thought this might be the saving grace to my sad, sad evening. Spoiler alert: It was not. I did not detect any caramel or peach; I tasted ice, aka nothing. I could identify the crumble though, but I would say it hardly constitutes as a crumble, it was more of a healthy breakfast cereal, and by 'healthy' I mean legitimately and scientifically beneficial to your body, not 'healthy' in quotation marks. Yeah it tasted like dirt, essentially.


16 October 2014

Catch up with Kieran! Bomb mac and cheese. First time lobster roll. And foie. Foie.

Almost bought a kaleidoscope.

15 October 2014

Extra noodles are too much

14 October 2014

Rahil's dinner organised by Steph. Got to see Jeff and Siddick! So fun :)

13 October 2014

Back here again

11 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! This potluck featured lots of meat. I was one of two people who actually made stuff.

Also, I am terrible at mafia. It was so fun though.

10 October 2014

Too late for lunch. This was it.
 Then drinks and 明太子パスタ!めっちゃ美味しかった。

8 October 2014

 Ballers. At Cyberport.