30 April 2011

Thank you for breakfast!

29 April 2011

Mmmmm... chocolate milkshake :) and baaagggaaaas

27 April 2011

Anson : Daniela = 3:1

26 April 2011

Lamb time

Lamb chops and lamb shank. And then Anson and I decided to continue being fatties well into the night.

24 April 2011

Two bowls or bills?

Chirashizushi! And a creative roll, not too shabby.

17 April 2011


6 kinds of dip. Excellent. Courtesy of Heather, Kaisa and Phoebe's household.

15 April 2011


10 April 2011

Dinner with Heather to celebrate the end of term! Chorizo con patatas, grilled scallops, and choco brie (!!!!!!!!!) A bunch of tasty tapas followed by dessert :D

6 April 2011


Last day of print... sniff. BANQUET TIME. Everything prepared by Otis. AMAZING.

Fruit, salad, cheese, chips, bread,

Hot plate heated cabbage rolls.

SUPER salad.
Incredible cake
And we were joined by Rin-tin-tin

1 April 2011

egg and nut free guarantee

Bake sale yesterday for printmakers! What our morning started out with...
My cookies
But later on... more food! Go us!
And another while later... wowowow