28 March 2014

Catch up with Louis

25 March 2014

I've been waiting all year for this pizza
And now it's time to go back

23 March 2014

Hanami picnic :) Took a walk later and got some sakura ice cream.
A final dinner at sushi rooooooooooo again :)

22 March 2014

A mini cake sampler (more adorable than tasty) followed by something homey for dinner. Pudding for dessert.

21 March 2014

More cake! Can count on Japanese patisseries on cakes that taste as good as they look. This was a strawberry tart with an excellent shortbread-y crust, strawberry mousse, pastry cream, whipped cream, strawberry sauce and of course fresh strawberries.
 And more kaitenzushi for dinns. Subpar but still satisfying.

20 March 2014

Went to my fav ramen place. Look at those globules of fat... Kottori all the way. With an extra order of noodles :)

19 March 2014

I usually genuinely enjoy the Japanese version of most cuisines, but when it comes to Chinese food... this was still yummy, but definitely subpar on the grand scale of things.

18 March 2014

How could I not try this?! But first, lunch.
Doesn't match the photo (as expected) but it was still pretty tasty (how can you get fried pastry doused in icing and filled with custard wrong?)

17 March 2014

 Tea time in Japan and then SUSHI ROOOOOO for dinner. Couldn't resist the parfait which is actually good value - ice cream, frozen strawberries, sponge cake, rice crisp, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, panna cotta. More is more.