28 April 2015

Racked up enough points for a dessert... and with some charm, we got two!

26 April 2015

Dinner with John and Karen, sans Gavan. He missed a good couple rounds of the question game ;)

25 April 2015

A quick dinns before Avengerssss

24 April 2015

Pizza at Gavan's

19 April 2015

Brunch before going to Elaine's event.

18 April 2015

Happy Birthday Viola!!

17 April 2015

A csa reunion plus Gav and John. Minimal biting.

15 April 2015

Had to try the mentaiko pasta, was not that great

14 April 2015

Alumni event? Hmm... oh, melted cheese? See you there.

9 April 2015

Yes thai food with Karen and John. We get a dessert each, no sharing.

7 April 2015

Lunch with Gav the day after hike of doom

6 April 2015

Hike of doom. But I made it! And got mac and cheese and lemonade at the end.

5 April 2015

Brunch with Steph in a trendy part of town.

4 April 2015

Quick one night trip to Macau courtesy of Phoebe.