31 December 2013

Cheesey crap and snacks with Alex.


30 December 2013

Best breakfast with Alex.

Such a productive day; didn't even need lunch.

28 December 2013

With Alex: a snack between classes and then a spicy dinner.


27 December 2013

Potluck at Paulo's.

I contributed rice krispy treats (when was the last time you had them huh?) and rocky road bars. Way too easy to make, and waaayyy too easy to eat...

26 December 2013

I always pass by this place on the way home. And it always smells so good, mostly cause I'm starving.

Had some spaghetti and soup with Alex.

24 December 2013

Food with Alex.

Dessert first, then some awesome Thai food, ending with a limited edition vitasoy.

23 December 2013

PIZZA! with Alex.

Love this stuff.

22 December 2013


with dad

21 December 2013

After work snack.

Thanks Alex! (note: doesn't make up for the fact you were late :P)

19 December 2013

Dinner and dessert with Alex.

I got some really skimming skills and my dessert was the best decision of the night.

15 December 2013

Lunch with Karen and Matt. Discussing friendship tests, McDs monopoly and such.

I was gonna have pho, but I was missing banh mi too much, I could not resist.

12 December 2013

This always happens to me...

8 December 2013

After some shopping with pops.

Deep fried red bean thingies...

5 December 2013

Desk lunch

3 December 2013

揚げ物 mmmmm


1 December 2013

Hotpot with Karen and Steph.

So much froyo... can't say it was the best decision I've ever come up with...