31 December 2011

I ruv steamed fish

29 December 2011

High tea with the classy Stephanie. Beautiful and tasty food - unfortunately my camera died on me so all we have are 2.0 megapixel phone camera pictures... We sat for hours! Excellent conversation in an excellent atmosphere and at one point even accompanied by live disney piano music :)

26 December 2011

Been really craving mince pies and custard. Finally got to have some! Merry Christmas!

24 December 2011

23 December 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!

Chengbo Day! Started off with yum cha with Ann.

Then we had dessert... mmmmm 

Met up with Kelvin for dinner - conveyor belt sushi, CB's first time! 

Ending with more dessert. (Best icecream. Ever. SO GOOD)

20 December 2011


:D happy times

12 December 2011

Burgers with Alvin! Wanted something greasy before flying home!

9 December 2011

Not something I ate, but definitely food related! My giant 4x7' print of a dessert table. 

6 December 2011

Steak dinner with some of my favorite people. Nicely dressed up to celebrate the end of term as well as Megan's birthday! Happy Birthday dear :)

5 December 2011

End of term potluck featuring samgyeopsal. Delish :)