28 January 2012

Mack, Heather and Jack's reception. Tasty tasty food! A little too tasty for some greedy peeps!

23 January 2012

FAJITAS. On mega tortillas. Emilio Danyelli Torie

22 January 2012

Renovation thus price increase :( but Alvin and I ate anyway. Somehow it didn't taste quite as good (because it wasn't quite as cheap?)

20 January 2012

Megan. Why did we do this to ourselves? Brownie and icecream for Meggie, Red velvet waffle (red velvet icecream, red velvet cake crumbles, white chocolate, whipped cream and if that wasn't enough, chocolate sauce) pour moi.

18 January 2012

Lots of vegetable
"It's all the same color!!" *adds ketchup*
And cake to finish off :) Dinner with Mack and Megan after an importante meeting for an upcoming art auction

16 January 2012

Was at Torie's last night to watch Once Upon A Time. Emily brought a pizza to share :) To explain the topless pieces of pizza: Torie doesn't believe in vegetables.

13 January 2012

Dinner last night with the art people! Always a grand time. Best moment was watching Megan eat seaweed. I was gonna order a chirashizushi but got the hae dup bap instead. not bad!
And later on in the night, some wine and cheese with Steph and Kyle.

11 January 2012

Invited to Elisa's for dinns. I made pecan pie for the occasion.

7 January 2012

I hate hate hate flying. But traveling back to school this time was incredible - got bumped up to business class :) I slept (true, deep sleep) for more than half the flight. Nothing like lying flat on your back with plenty of leg room!
And back in town. Dinner with boys.

5 January 2012

Last dinner with the fam before flying back to school. SO GOOD
brunch with ann and pam

more food later on in the day with youni <3

1 January 2012

Happy New Year :)