29 December 2010

Laksa and club sandwich with fries. The fries were supposedly different 3 years ago...
Much anticipated ramen with Anson

26 December 2010

Tis the season. FOOD! Christmas eve dinner buffet with Anson. Yes. 
Tea time the next day. Merry Christmas!

19 December 2010

Home = dim sum. Definitely more of this to come.

18 December 2010

Tomato and mushroom pasta. The only thing I burn is the audience ;)

16 December 2010

Essays done! Back on the plane hooome :)

10 December 2010

Amidst essay writing and exams... food with Ryan! Shish kebab yum yum yum.

7 December 2010

Baby spinach salad with local bacon, marinated portabellos and piquillo peppers with a roasted garlic-thyme buttermilk dressing
Acorn squash soup with hazelnut oil
Steak Frites with green peppercorn-tarragon butter
fish. (anson does not recall this food. at all. sad.)**
Spiced apple cake with calvados sabayon and caramel
Creme brulee with Madagascar vanilla

**but I luckily do. Seared cod with artichoke and lobster sauce.
"Pad thai without the pad thai" - Pan asian cuisine with Anson for lunch.
And then crepes for dessert! Strawberry and condensed milk in one (mine. muahaha) and apple cinnamon in the other.
Home made gnocchi! Unsure of what it's actually supposed to taste like, but it was pretty decent!
Had a farewell dinner for dear CB last night. A three course meal - bruschetta, mixed mushroom pizza and hazelnut gelato.

I will miss you dearly CB!!

5 December 2010

Anson is visiting again! We had fish and chips round 2. Much better than that other time!
And for dinner was my absolute favorite Greek place. I had mousaka.

4 December 2010

Double potluck yesterday! It was the last day of studio and everyone brought goodies (to be consumed in the  hallway of course). Definite abundance of consumables, special mention to the mac and cheese by Lianne and the spinach dip by Dera-Lynn!
Round two: an evening at Faith's. Featuring (i.e. my favorite): baked brie by Emily, 'cinnamon' nutella coconut rolls by Faith and pumpkin pie by Heather.