25 July 2012

Made a day trip to Toronto and met up with some of my favourite girls: Glassa, Grace, Linda and an unexpected surprise from KAREN??? We went to a little bistro for dinner, top to bottom: Salmon and mushroom risotto, penne dish, pork tenderloin with garlic mash, burger and fries. It was so nice to catch up, I wish I could've stayed longer!

23 July 2012

It was our reception tonight! I baked vanilla cupcakes with nutella frosting. The frosting was great (just buttercream + nutella, can't really go wrong there) but I made the mistake of using a really cheap/simple cupcake recipe which resulted in mediocrity... never doing that again. At least the frosting made up for it a little. I also used up my puff pastry by making these little bite-sized jam/chocolate-filled pastries. Quick and easy, better cheat than that cupcake recipe.

Phoebe made hummus and yummy flatbread and brought salsa, chips and lemonade. I'd say overall it was a lovely spread :)

20 July 2012

Discounted food with Charles again! Salad with asparagus, some fancy ham, pea shoots and a poached egg. Pea shoots are tough stuff, considering they're shoots... We also tried fish tacos (I've been wanting to eat these!) which were lovely little morsels (morsels being a bad thing to Charles) and we finished off with rhubarb pie and ginger chevre ice cream. The ice cream was a unique and interesting flavour, I wish there was more of it though cause the rhubarb was slightly more sour than I would've liked.

18 July 2012

Just thought I'd point out that my nails are the same shade as my mocha beverage.

16 July 2012

Mack and Bryan came to visit for a day, we had a chat over some froyo. I definitely indulged on the toppings today...

12 July 2012

Pizza with everything from a mobile wood burning oven and strawberry shortcake :)

10 July 2012

Legitimate s'mores at the beach with Heather's family. Along with a sunset, it doesn't get much better than this.

9 July 2012

Morning at the farmer's market. Starting the day off right with Belgian waffles :D
And then we helped Heather's mom make these 'egg muffins' for tomorrow's breakfast
 We also helped make 2 salads. So much food!

6 July 2012

Wandering with Heather and stopping for fish and chips. It was a dreary day complete with deer fly attacks, but the fish and chips made up for it!

3 July 2012

Happy Canada Day/HKSAR Establishment Day!!! I went to celebrate with Emily and Su. Tapas and martinis, YUM. After, we went to a super sweet spot to view the fireworks. It was aaawesommeee