29 November 2012

Bento taimu

Bento from the farmer's market woooo So exciting. I picked one of the more extravagant ones... Mmmmm

25 November 2012

The donut place was having a sale a while back, but I resisted the temptation. They had a sale again and this time... I gave in. 

24 November 2012

For the longest time, I thought the korroke my grandma served me as a kid were homemade by her. Turns out they were store bought. It sounds sad, but that means I can get the same 'homemade' taste from buying korroke from the store!
Fried stuff is awesome.
I love potatoes

20 November 2012

So today was kind of action packed. Before having dinner at this restaurant, I fell into a 3ft deep gutter. Utter shock and horrible bruises. I won't go into the details but it was quite traumatic to say the least. It definitely could have been worse though.

I love Japanese food. I'm familiar with a lot of ingredients and dishes, and I'd say I have pretty 'Japanese' taste. One thing I've never heard of though, until I saw it on どっちの料理ショー, was monjayaki. It's probably the weirdest Japanese dish I've heard of. Luckily, I watched several youtube videos about this dish before finally trying it, because I would not have known how to cook it, or if this was how it was supposed to look.

So this it. It's still being cooked. It's like okonomiyaki is a sense that you can make it yourself on a hot plate and you can choose what to put in it (we chose squid). Hmmm... it doesn't seem as structurally sound as okonomiyaki though.

And here is it complete! It kind looks like lava. The molten quality is what made me want to try this thing. You eat it right off the hot plate because it's too globby of a glob to bother putting on a plate.
And you eat it with this little guy! How cute. Hmm so what's my final verdict? While I'm glad I got the chance to try this weirdo thing out, the taste was meh. It was yummy, but not good enough for me to go for again. It took us a while to find a place that served monjayaki, so I think I was way too excited when we finally got to eat it. I was imagining okonomiyaki flavoured mochi, I guess? This was fishy and chewy.
We also ordered a hiroshima okonomiyaki, another dish I've always wanted to try. It was pretty good, cause how can something that's filled with yakisoba not be good? Maybe I was expecting a lot out of this too, cause for me it just seemed like yakisoba with a few extra bits. I guess I have to go to Hiroshima?

18 November 2012

These were cheap so we ate them.

15 November 2012

DAY5 - last day

My last day of cake. It was a great week. I left what I thought would be the most delicious for last.
Here is tiramisu. It wasn't really layered like you'd normally see it. It was kind of in a jumbled glob which was fine, it was all yummy. It did have a plain sponge bottom though, which I didn't think was necessary. Stuck on top was a biscuit like the ones on my DAY2 cake.
I love tiramisu. I think a lot of people do because it's not too sweet. I find that that's what most (adult) people's dessert preference is, "not too sweet." It's creamy with a hint of coffee (also a plus with the adults) which makes it a delicious dessert with a good combination of flavours.

And so that's the end of my five days of cake. It's been sweet!

14 November 2012


Day four of my five days of cake. Here is another cheesecake. More New York-y with a thin sponge base and a light dusting of icing sugar on top. I love cheesecake so much, and having it plain like this was delicious :D

13 November 2012

DAY3 of cake

Today's cake was a cheesecake topped with fruit (figs and strawberries, from what I could tell). The base was very similar (possibly identical) to the first cake. The cake part was kind of New York-y but a little more on the mousse-ier, lighter side. It was great with a cup of tea, as most cakes are. The whipped cream was really yummy. I used to hate the stuff as a child, it actually made me quite queasy and I'd go as far as to make up an excuse not to eat it at birthday parties... but now I love it! ...As long as it's not the stuff from cans. Miki didn't attack this one, but maybe it's because she had already eaten her lunch.

12 November 2012

DAY2 of cake

Today's cake was a orange and chocolate layer cake. Composition: One layer of a light sponge, layer of chocolate mousse, layer of light sponge and then a layer of orange pudding (something like that). Garnished with cute chocolate dipped shortbread cookies and glazed orange pieces. Miki seemed to really want to try some... sorry! No chocolate for you :(

10 November 2012

5 days of cake. DAY1!

We got some beautiful cakes today from my aunt. My mom is sort of antisugar, so I basically have these cakes to myself. So let the 5 days of cake begin! WOO!

Honestly, I'd really much rather receive several pieces of different pretty cakes like this rather than one whole cake. I just find it more appealing and exciting to see a variety, like a box of assorted chocolates as opposed to a giant chocolate bar. Just a little info for those of you who might one day get me cake...
This first cake is kind of more like a very tall tart. A yummy cakey almond biscuit base with a whole glazed pear on top. The core was filled with pastry cream. I'm used to eating nashi pears, but I actually prefer and really enjoy the flavour and texture of the pear-shaped pears, which was what was on this tart. So delicious and perfectly ripe! Can't wait for tomorrow's cake :)

7 November 2012

Today we went for a drive up into the mountains. We ate at an all-you-can-eat place, which I don't usually like the idea of... but this was recommended by my aunt. I usually do my best to try a bit of everything, which usually means having about a mouthful of each dish. I did go back for more of the pork belly strips though, they were amazing... They were deep fried and covered in a sweet sauce and sesame seeds - eating them was like eating potato chips! Addictive!!
The pork was #2 for me though. First place goes to the rose flavoured soft serve ice cream. That stuff was beautiful. The soft serve ice cream here is usually just made from sugar and milk (no cream or eggs, like ice cream usually has) so it is very light and refreshing... and you can eat SO much more of it. The rose flavour was so subtle but it made the ice cream that much more delicate. I had several servings...
My mom didn't serve it quite well, but hey it still tastes the same! 

5 November 2012