31 August 2010

Spent the afternoon and evening at the corn maze with the Orientation Committee. Steak burgers, dill potato salad and pasta salad for dinner. After a strenuous run through the maze, we were rewarded with apple crisp. We also had toasted marshmallows :) Totally toasties

23 August 2010

Strangely fancy dim sum for lunch today with Ran. Still yummy though! But I did OD on the hot sauce a tiny bit...

22 August 2010

I love breakfast food. Waffles, french toast, pancakes, sausages, fresh fruit, croissants, jams, et cetera et cetera. It's so great to go out to eat breakfast because it just a fantastic start to the day: good food and no dishes, plus, there is no limit to how much you can eat! I had a french toast 'sandwich' containing egg, ham and swiss cheese. It was accompanied by tons of fresh fruit and a Dani portion of maple syrup :)

21 August 2010

Lunch with Anson again, this time I had a "double-fisted" cheeseburger with my all time fav yam fries. Love the yam fries. Do not appreciate the inapprop jokes about the menu from the other side of the table however.
And for dinner I cabbed with Ran and Haochen to the next town for Chinese food - oyster, crispy chicken, and fried shrimp/squid. SO GOOD!

20 August 2010

Indecisiveness strikes again. Met up with Anson in the afternoon for some ice-cream. We went to a place where you can choose additional fixin's. Too many choices! After much thought and verbal abuse from Anson, I went with vanilla cinnamon ice-cream with reese's pieces, raspberry and cookie dough. A bit greedy? Maybe.

19 August 2010

Last night's dinner with Ran: Crab cake and scallops to start off and jambalaya (with more scallops, yum!) as a main. 

18 August 2010

Hung out with Anson yesterday and for lunch I had this pasta dish with an unpronounceable name. Our day involved lots of walking but with such lovely weather (sun minus humidity) and a Starbucks break at one point, it was quite nice!

"Rate this service out of 101"

17 August 2010

Surprisingly, the best part of my 15-hour flight: the food. Mushy, salty, unidentifiable airplane food is hard to swallow but if you hate flying like me, it doesn't seem so bad compared to the stale air and uncomfortable seating. Just glad I'm safely on the ground again!!

13 August 2010

Glorious day! Today, had a beautiful afternoon tea with Pamela. I had chamomile tea while Pam had the hotel's special blend. Both excellent, we must say. 
Bottom plate (from right to left): Spanner crab cake, vegetable fugasse, smoked salmon & sour dough bread, iron steak with horseradish and milk bun, watercress & egg finger sandwich

Middle plate: ginger and plain scones with clotted cream and jams (orange and blueberry)
Top plate (from right to left): bergamot mousse with pomegranate & lemon short bread, rhubarb & grapefruit tarlet, green apple & jasmine macaron, pistachio & orange confit almond cake with clotted cream & biscotti, vanilla & rosemary cake

Everything was so cute and delicate, not to mention delicious. It was so nice to try a range of treats and even though each piece was small, it definitely added up... not to mention we had about 3 pots of tea each! Once again, good food and good talk with the lovely Pam.

I thought of my friend Mo :)

12 August 2010

Kelvin recommended I chill the banana bread before eating so I waited until this morning to try it out. I had it for breakfast with some yogurt.
Spontaneously went to the mall to watch Inception today (sorry guys, but it didn't really satisfy me haha) and before that I had fried rice noodles with pork shoulder for lunch.

11 August 2010

Ramen time with Kelvin and Vivien! Yummy yummy.

Plus Kelvin's dear mother decided to use me as a guinea pig to test her cookies and banana bread. Seriously though, thank you Mama Lee!

8 August 2010

Lovely food with lovely friends :) Ann, Pam, Wenting, Becci and I met up for Vietnamese food. It was a long process, but I eventually chose a vermicelli dish (bun cha) with spring rolls (gotta love those Vietnamese spring rolls!). For dessert, I advertised the best ice-cream I ever had and we all tried it. Everyone seemed to like it, hurrah! I fell in love with the stuff all over again... mmmmmmm.

7 August 2010

Snack time! Yum yum sachima :)

4 August 2010

Four words: All you can eat.

Korean barbecue with Kelvin, Vivien and Jacky. Tonight my monster side was unleashed.