30 August 2012

Waiting for my flight I got to go to one of the airport lounges. Unlimited siu mai.
Last meal before home! Breakfast with Heather. She had a tofu scramble and I had a sweet potato and onion omelette with mango chutney. Today happened to be the most beautiful day too, summer with a hint of fall. Went for a stroll by the lake in the afternoon :)
Before leaving for home, I really wanted to try some sweets from this one bakery. It was a little hard to narrow down my choices but in the end I chose to get the chocolate mousse profiterole, blueberry panacotta and coconut lemon square. All divine, especially the profiterole. Heaven in my mouth.

27 August 2012

Last night's dessert. Crazy delicious banana caramel ice cream paired with a disappointing cake... The name was so misleading! It had some combination of the words 'raspberry' 'chocolate' and 'mousse', so I was expecting a lovely chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries in it... but no, it was a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. Nooooo...
Action packed day in Montreal. So much walking, so much eating! First was breakfast - sauteed veggies for Charles, french toast for me. Energy for all the walking that we're about to do!
Wandering the streets, there seemed to be a lot of stuff going on! First we stopped by this store dedicated to mushrooms (mushrooms, mushroom products, mushroom books, posters, earrings, cards, kits, galore!). There were some food stalls up and down the streets too  we didn't eat any paella but it looked good!
Lunch was at a lovely cafe in old Montreal. The decor, atmosphere, food was all great - definitely my kinda place! I had 'the pomodoro' - Quebec field tomatoes, garlic and fresh herb mayonnaise, red onions and P.E.I. cheddar - and Charles had 'the goat's cheese' - caramelized onions with goats cheese served with a homemade ketchup (that was bomb.)
Dinner was at that Japanese place again. We tried a bunch of new stuff, it was all so good! Grilled salmon head, okonomiyaki, nabemono, tuna tartar and the best soft serve icecream!! We had to wait a while in line, but we got a seat at the bar (where you can see all the action) and stayed late enough to talk to the chef himself! He was a hilarious guy...
We already had ice cream after dinner, but the smell of the waffles were too powerful. Also, they had boardgames! Such a foodie day :)
Before our trip to Montreal, Charles and I had some cheese and charcuterie. Best combo: middle cheese, honey, soft bread. Goose rillette was up there too, but all in all this plate was super tasty!

22 August 2012

A special dinner last night with special people :) They made my summer and my time at school! Love each of them so extremely much <3 br="br">

21 August 2012

Soba noodle salad with okra! YUM

20 August 2012

Dinner with Emily where I satisfied my cheesecake craving
Pizza again. Wow I'm so impressed with this dough recipe. Toppings: sausage, zucchini, prosciutto, portobello mushroom, onion, egg, rocket. 

19 August 2012

Savoury and sweet crepes
Sandwiches with homemade bread

17 August 2012

ZOO TIME! Finally got together with Lianne and Megan in Toronto. We made a trip to the zoo! It was so much fun. This was my dinner (not the best looking) after a long day of animal watching. Megan and I also grabbed bubble tea but I was catching a bus so I didn't manage to take a pic. It was tasty though!

15 August 2012

Trip to Ottawa! Wander the market we had sandwiches from an Italian grocery store. Focaccia ftw!We also picked up some yummy local chocolate - dark chocolate with caramel and fleur de sel :) There are so many shots of the same sandwich, but I wanted to put up the ones where my phone's camera went weirdly blurry. It looks like a dream!
The second day we had dinner at this Mexican place and grabbed a treat from the market :) Blueberry flaaannnnnnn