29 January 2011

Was about to join Emily and Megan on Emily's favorite past time, attending bake sales. Sadly, I had printing issues so I let them go ahead without me. Megan was a kind soul and brought a cupcake back! Thanks :D

28 January 2011

Dinner with Gary a few nights ago... and afterwards a quick (but stupidly awkward) trip to the supermarket for some on-sale ice creammmmm (currently housing 6 tubs in my freezer, no jokes)

25 January 2011

Gathering of well-bred friends. Here is the spread of excellent apps
Home made pizza!! SO GOOD.
And to end the meal, cheesecake with improv candles. Happy Birthday Heather!!

23 January 2011

Dinner with Heather on Friday night! Prep work...
Spaghetti squash (this is not a medium sized squash. it can serve about 50 (or maybe just 4) people.)
Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

16 January 2011


Dinner with Jeff and Gary - pork bone soup and sushi

15 January 2011

Bake sale :D

10 January 2011

Flying back to school! I was fortunate enough to be joined by Elisa on the loooong journey back. More airplane food yum yum...
Elisa's chicken
Elisa was not happy with the dessert =(
Round 2
And here's dinner back on snowy land. I am very jetlagged.

8 January 2011

Last lunch with father before flying!

7 January 2011

Tea time with Chia, Mon and Pam - a wonderful time catching up!
Dinner with daddy before heading back to schooooool. I love scallops. Doesn't the crab look so sad?!

6 January 2011

Nom nom nom

5 January 2011

One Peking cocktail
Sushi platter
Swordfish, avocado and caviar ice cream tartare and thinly sliced scallop with lemon oil and Sicilian rock salt
Veal and foie gras ravioli with a porcini mushroom sauce and shaved black truffle
Black ink pizza with mozzarella, tomato, garlic, squid, tuna, mussels, prawns oregano and a dash of olive oil
Japanese sea urchin fried rice 
White chocolate mousse
Dinner with lovely ladies Steph, Cherie and Elisa. An excellent evening with beautiful food and a beautiful view of the city :)

4 January 2011

3 January 2011

Highly recommended banana pancake by two gentlemen - Louis and Anson. 
PEKING DUCK! 'Nough said. 
Wrapping skillz - who's is who's?