30 August 2013


28 August 2013

 Grace's last night!

26 August 2013

Breakfast with Gracie darling after quite a night

23 August 2013

Dinner with some cool gals, Karen and Grace.
And my dessert. Meh.
Mcwings are the only wings

22 August 2013

I've got a craving for donuts... Why don't they have sour cream donuts or french crullers here?

10 August 2013

Pigging out with Kelvin again. Mcnuggets and four different sauces?? Waahhhh

9 August 2013

Restaurant week continues with Steph :) The meal started off with 3 oysters. YUM
Salmon torte
Caesar salad
Tuscan fried chicken
Miso Cod
And finally dessert: Brownie and panacotta; Pineapple upside down cake

6 August 2013

Dinner with Alex after a day at the beach. Skewers
Yellow chicken curry
Tom Yum Soup

4 August 2013

3 August 2013

Dessert night with Alex, 1 and 2