29 March 2015

Picked out some cakes with coupons we had lying around.

28 March 2015

Treat after work

27 March 2015

Busy busy sushi place with Gav - look at the mini sakuramochiiii :3

24 March 2015

Lunchies with a treat after :)

21 March 2015

Fancy dinns with Steph, Vivian and Dasol

20 March 2015

Ate some ice cream, saw some animals

17 March 2015

Last day with Gavan

16 March 2015

Brunch again, this time with Steph. We visited Art Central then got some froyo.

15 March 2015

Art Basel day 2: catching up with Claire at brunch and catching up with Cora at dinner

12 March 2015

It's almost that time of year... browsing the galleries with John

9 March 2015

Lunch out with Papa, then dinner with G before his practice.

8 March 2015

That kinda day

6 March 2015

Drinks with G, Louis, Ash, Jason and Melinda. Got to eat lots of pasta :)

4 March 2015

Pizza time

3 March 2015

New discovery with Gavan

"I've never ventured this far"

1 March 2015

Not very impressive thing of wings. Also stocked up on treats.