28 June 2012

Always a pleasure :) with an extra spring roll on the side.

21 June 2012

Food tour today with Faith and Emily. First stop was an Indian restaurant, we got to try naan, onion bhajis and a chicken dish I forgot the name of...
Next we went to my favourite store ever where we sampled some special cheese you can only get here!
Then we visited an Italian grocery store where we ate lots of foccacia and salami (one of the girls is vegetarian so... more for me!)
After that we went to where Heather works and a vegan chocolate cookie (de.ca.dent.) and washed it down with some pink lemonade.
Then we went to a local food restaurant where we sampled fried polenta and sausage. The rocket salad was good too.
Then to a bakery where we sampled charcuterie, spread and desserts. I also learned the word 'chancho' which is Spanish for pork but also a endearing way to call a tubby guy??
Last stop was the gelato place! Three yummy flavours :D Raspberry... vanilla... and chocolate.

16 June 2012

Today was my convocation! I told my parents not to bother traveling half way across the world to watch me receive a piece of fancy paper in a tube so I was momentarily adopted by Lianne's wonderful parents who got me a bouquet of flowers and took us out to dinner!

I had Lianne, Alex and Megan over for the night and Lianne made us all breakfast! Peameal (Canadian) bacon and 'apple pancakes'. It was delicious!

7 June 2012

A sweet potato dish I made for a dinner with Alvin, Glassa and Charles.

6 June 2012

A little day trip with Emily today. We ate at the island grill where I gotta try some fish tacos (something about summer and fish tacos...) and then we picked up some dessert from the bakery for our long walk. It was the most beautiful day :)

5 June 2012

Dessert first!
Hanging out with Emily today - went to a pub for yummy local food :) 
And another csa dinner. This pizza was kind of amazing. First was a special with lobster curry, baby spinach, scallops, tomatoes and chorizo. Second was my fav - blackened chicken, onion, cheddar and APPLE BUTTER. The best.

1 June 2012

Last meal with Jeff and Steph before Jeff flies back! We ate at my fav Italian place :) I had ravioli and Jeff and Steph both had the special - trout.