30 April 2012

Dinner with Steph, Charles and Matt. Froyo with Steph for some catching up :)

Move out day! Starting off with a hearty breakfast with Glassa, Grace and Matt.

29 April 2012

Dessert last night with some lovely girls - Grace, Linda, Glassa, Charis

27 April 2012

More shopping with Torie and then dinnz at our most favorite place everrrr. Some very accurate fortune cookies for Torie ;)

26 April 2012

Important shopping to do at the mall! Went with Torie and she introduced me to taco bell... yum. and then icecream on the way home <3

19 April 2012

Great evening catching up with some of my fav gals - Jenny, Glassa and Linda. We had a 3 course tasting menu. Scallop appetizer, steak and two of us hand the poached pear and the other two had creme brulee.

18 April 2012

A late lunch with Charles. Bison Burger, fried smelts, bison ribs and CHURROS FOR DESSERT SO GOOD.

17 April 2012

GIRLS NIGHT! with Linda, Glassa ...and Alvin. Bellinis and a bunch of appetizers

16 April 2012

And here's round two of all you can eat sushi with Linda, Glassa, Lola and Charles. I'm still learning.

15 April 2012

End of term means making plans to hang out/eat with people before exams/people leave. This is the first round of all you can eat sushi with Mack and Lianne. I could barely walk after this, I need to know my limits.

13 April 2012

Last week of classes! Today was also my last meeting before final show set up and Alejandro invited me to his 3rd year class party :P SUSHI. Nothing like a food party in the print studio.

12 April 2012

Can't get enough of this place. I got pad thai. Love pad thai.

11 April 2012

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Glassa. Despite it being exam time/final show prep time, a bunch of us went out for lunch to celebrate Glassa's birthday. This was an express lunch special, there were a couple pastas, salads and even a pulled pork burger. I had caprino pasta with a side salad and this was actually the perfect Daniela portion - just full enough!

9 April 2012

Steph invited me over for a lovely breakfast of waffles and fresh berries. A nice time catching up and a very good way to start the day!

7 April 2012

Yep, so true. If we came here the next day it would've been closed!
One of my favorite restaurants again with Charles. FOOD IS SO GOOD

5 April 2012

So for the past school year, on Wednesdays there's a farmers market on campus. There's a particular stall that the gang and I visit every single time. I've been ordering the same thing for the past year! I think I've only missed maybe two Wednesdays! I get the special: 5 perogies and a cabbage roll with sour cream. YUM. Normally I never really get the same thing over and over again but this is an exception :)

4 April 2012

cupcake from a bakesale!

And tonight was another late night at studio. Megan and I grabbed dinner from the new Chef Michael Smith grill place... I think I expected a lot more from this. O well. At least I tried it.