29 June 2010

Met up with two lovely ladies, Ann and Pamela. Today was our traditional 6-hour lunch at Ruby Tuesday (on Tuesday, hurrah!). Started off with the much loved artichoke and spinach dip, followed by vegetarian lasagne and teriyaki chicken. Dessert = massive chocolate tallcake... look at all that whipped cream, Pam was in heaven. 
Of course after 6 hours it's practically dinner time... A little snack of takoyaki shared with dear Pam during several games of Monopoly Deal. I simultaneously love and hate that game. But I definitely 100% love Ann and Pam, they are by far the best.

26 June 2010

Went to yum cha with the gorgeous Pamela :) Completely filled to the brim with delicious dimsum! Even had some leftovers to bring home for later this afternoon (teehee). From the top: siu mai and cheung fan, steamed lo bak gou, satay squid, scallop and spinach dumplings, and char siu filled bo lo bao. This is the only way to have brunch. 

25 June 2010

A red bean paste sweet as a gift from Japan and mille crêpe with cream, custard and strawberries made by mama.

20 June 2010

Went to a nearby cha chaan teng with Pops for afternoon tea. Greasy, delish HK-style french toast. Look at that butter... and the peanut butter in the middle... fried to perfection. Happy Father's Day!

18 June 2010

Ice-cream (even if it's only from McDonalds) is the perfect answer on hot, bothersome days such as today.

13 June 2010

More meals with daddy. We've become lazy - eating out/take out ftw! Cheap white cut chicken for dinner and rice noodles with beef tendon (fav kind of noodle!!) for lunch the next day. All scrumptious, but let's hope for a change next week!

11 June 2010

I met with Pam, whom I haven't seen in eight months! We had Thai food - I chose oxtail, which came with papaya salad and soup. The conversation lasted a lot longer than the meal (obviously) and continued until we came across a crepe stand. Then it was time for dessert. Mine had custard, whipped cream AND ice cream (go me!).

8 June 2010

Dinner with daddy! YAY! Grilled lamb AND chicken with a side of veggies - why so much meat? I have no idea but it was super. I think I've had my fair share of farm animal for this week.

4 June 2010

I decided to dedicate 10 minutes of my life to making a cake in a mug. It looked nasty, tasted quite plain with an incredible dense texture but considering it took next to no time to make (with minimal washing up) I'd honestly say it turned out quite well. For this dessert I had zero expectations, which is probably why I'm not too bummed out :P Fastest cake to make by far, but I suggest investing a touch more time into baking!

1 June 2010

Bibimbap for lunch (I have been craving this for a while. Plus, it reminds me of my terrific housemate Hayley) followed by warabi mochi for dessert. I chose the matcha dip instead of the popular kinako but to be honest, I just like eating the mochi plain :)