31 May 2014

Happy Birthday to John, and I managed to get some discount cooooookies

25 May 2014

First day with the smart phone.. yikes. Brunch with Karen! My was it a good brunch.

19 May 2014

Last day of Art Basel HK!

17 May 2014

After a long day at work, took Karen to Art Basel. Dinner and fruit smoothies (I was a fool to think these had real fruit...?) Good chat about life and apps.

16 May 2014

Breakfast before Art Basel day 3 with Steph
And after lots of walking, a bit of lunch

14 May 2014

Art Basel HK day 1 - breakfast, lunch and predinner macaron (not pictured - champagne)

13 May 2014

Mega art night - the start of a very arty week.
A more substantial bite to eat with Steph

10 May 2014

5 May 2014

Noodles and dumplings with Louis. Karen would've liked this.

3 May 2014

Worth the trek!

A treat to get me through work today. The packaging captured my attention.

1 May 2014

It's not the saaameeee why do I do this to myself?!