29 September 2012

This was fun! Karen and I both happen to arrive half an hour late, how coordinated! Pad thai and green curry YUM
Mmmmmmmmmm matcha

23 September 2012

Beef tendons
Somewhat of a reunion last night with some csa girls at a Belgian place. And then icecream after :) an excellent evening of conversation

20 September 2012

Happy Birthday Steph! Camera phone... dim lighting... apologies.

17 September 2012

Pho with Kelvin

15 September 2012

Last night's dinner with relatives

10 September 2012

Met up with another friend I hadn't seen in a while - Steph! High tea at another fancy location. It's the best vehicle for conversation.

9 September 2012

 Delicious fishes

5 September 2012

I had dinner with Matt tonight. I hadn't seen him in a while, it was so nice to finally sit down and catch up. It was also nice to finally get some decent tonkatsu :) I miss you already, Matt!
Catch up time with Kelvin yesterday :)

2 September 2012

Back home, so obviously we go yum cha asap. Father is on a strict(ish) diet so only steamed things!!

1 September 2012

Wooooo airplane food!