29 October 2012


28 October 2012

Tea time! The milk tea was so delicious, it had frothy milk like they have in lattes. I had a pumpkin tart, which was also incredibly and seasonally delicious :)
And this was dinner, spaghetti with spinach and eggplant.

22 October 2012

Okonimiyaki time! Why is this stuff so tasty?? I'm thinking it's just the sauces... cause I don't really care what's in it (this time I had it with taco). But then again if I just spread the sauces onto toast it wouldn't be quite the same... Anyway, this stuff was great.
And then a mega delish 5 course dinner. To start off, some antipasti. To my knowledge there was caprese salad, chestnuts with a sauce (?), smoked duck (?) and mackerel (?) on top of... beans? LOL siiigh. 
Pea soup!
Spaghetti with a rose sauce and SCALLOPS and mussels. YUM
Lamb. So good. With lentils and potato
 And to finish off, tiramisu. MUAH

18 October 2012

A quaint buffet for lunch. Didn't think I'd put 'quaint' and 'buffet' together... PS the tomatos were amazing.
zomg gyoza for dinns. My fav way to eat dumplings - steamed and juicy in the middle, crispy on the bottom. Dunked in loads of vinegar. Perfectionnn
Customary airplane food shot

16 October 2012

Last dinner before my flight.
We ordered two of these. As the waitress was serving them, she broke one. She went back to order another but they ran out! So sad, but I got to eat this one :)
Lunch with Alex

13 October 2012

tastes like home

11 October 2012

Dinns with Kelvin before I leave! Super craving Vietnamese. This was excellent.

7 October 2012

Poutine with extra cheese

Karen wanted poutine, Paulo and I accompanied her.

3 October 2012

Tea time with Kelvin

2 October 2012

Ramen with the otousan