20 February 2013

¥500 lunches. ご飯おかわり!

16 February 2013

Cute little cakes

14 February 2013

Pasta and Pizza

7 February 2013

Homemade birthday cake

6 February 2013

¥800 bag o' bread

¥800 bag o' bread
 Regular white bread
 Kinako chiffon cake
 Kinako bread
 Chocolate bread!
 I started eating this already... soy bean bread!
And tried the chiffon cake with some tea :)

5 February 2013

All you can eat once again
So many strawberries!
And the dessert consumption begins...
Gotta have ice cream... with jelly
...with cake
...with fruit! So full!

3 February 2013

Made a spinach tortilla thing for lunch
 Accompanied with homemade ketchup. This was so easy to make, and tasted... like ketchup! Used canned tomato, onion, honey, vinegar and salt, so simple :)
 Good stuff!
 And for dinner we had makizushi for Setsubun.
 This was filled with egg, cucumber, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and squid!

2 February 2013