28 July 2013

Got back from SE Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). So much good food, here are my top 5 (in no particular order): *warning: possibly lots of run-on sentences due to my inability to contain my excitement as I describe the excellence of South East Asian cuisine.*
Vietnamese barbecue? We cooked all that meat and veg in BUTTER. And don't even get me started on the DIPPING SAUCE muoi tieu chanh so simple but soooo goooooood the balance was just amazing with the buttery meat. Credit goes to Karen for selecting the darkest of dark alleyways in search of our second dinner. So unbelievably tasty. So. Tasty. SO SO SO TASTY.
NEM! These were hot n fresh. Crispy, tasty, yes. Best. Stuff. With that fish sauce dip. MMMMM can't go wrong with these.
Cha ca thang long - turmeric fish with dill. Hot damn, all the fresh herbs in this. Beauty. Look at the colours! The green hit the hot oil and mixed with the fish and you eat it with peanuts and chili peppers and noodles and waahhh so yummmmeh. Just generally lovin all the herbage used in EVERYTHING here.
Khanom krog - coconut pancake-y things. These were hot n fresh too. The centre was barely set and the coconut flavour was so delicate and these were just so amazing even the second time when I got some not-straight-out-of-the-pan ones.
Bahn Mi. Holy guacamole. Best. Sandwich. EVER. Oh man. Meat, veg, pate, LARD. All melded together into a sub of pure awesome. Why did I share this? WHY? WHY?

10 July 2013

Dinner with the fam for someone's birthdaaayyyyy

9 July 2013

8 July 2013

It's Restaurant Week. Lunch with Graceface.

7 July 2013

Tea time with Karen and Grace
No better afternoon than one involving pastries and sandwiches and SCONES :D

6 July 2013

 Food with Alex agaiinnn
Just some favs

4 July 2013

Alex took me to a chinese islamic restaurant. So yummmeeehhhhhh!
And dessert afterwards

3 July 2013