31 December 2012

Happy new year's eve :)

28 December 2012

Sandwiches have so much potential. It's all about the effort you put in to making them. I personally think more is more when it comes to sandwiches, I honestly just put in all the stuff I love and if they stay intact between the slices of bread, then it's good to go. Considering that though, the one thing that I need in a sandwich for it to be awesome: avocado. This one had lettuce, avocado, tomato, boiled egg, with hummus, mayo and pesto (all home made, aw yeah). The bread is from an awesome sesame loaf :)

23 December 2012

all you can eat with relatives
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i didn't stop to take nice enough photos. There was meat, veggies, tofu, a clear broth and a spicy broth, ponzu dipping sauce and sesame dipping sauce. Use your imagination
and then it was time for the desserts. Creme caramel (which had real vanilla. I could see the little seeds, it was comforting), chocolate mousse, mini cream puff
pumpkin youkan, chocolate cake, caramel mousse. I also had another creme caramel and chocolate mousse, it was so good.
my mom liked the cream puffs. I had cheesecake and coffee jelly to finish off this delicious meal :)

21 December 2012


16 December 2012


15 December 2012

Japanese-y pasta for lunch. And a strawberry cheesecake for dessert!
And delicious gyoza for dinns.

12 December 2012

Melon-panna chan

With chocolate chips. Fancy.

8 December 2012

 Went to the grocery store just in time for some discounts
 Twas pretty gooooood.

4 December 2012

Some crazy colour in these kiwis. They are less hairy that regular ones too, which is pleasant. Actually, I'm a little sensitive to kiwis, they make my skin feel all itchy and tingly, but these ones cause much less of a reaction.
And for dinner we had these fish. I haven't had them since I was a kid!

3 December 2012

12.12.12 on my milk carton, thought that was kinda cool.

2 December 2012

This was the special of the day. Mmmmm
And after dinner I had a cheesecake daifuku.

1 December 2012

Chocolate daifuku mmmmm

29 November 2012

Bento taimu

Bento from the farmer's market woooo So exciting. I picked one of the more extravagant ones... Mmmmm

25 November 2012

The donut place was having a sale a while back, but I resisted the temptation. They had a sale again and this time... I gave in. 

24 November 2012

For the longest time, I thought the korroke my grandma served me as a kid were homemade by her. Turns out they were store bought. It sounds sad, but that means I can get the same 'homemade' taste from buying korroke from the store!
Fried stuff is awesome.
I love potatoes

20 November 2012

So today was kind of action packed. Before having dinner at this restaurant, I fell into a 3ft deep gutter. Utter shock and horrible bruises. I won't go into the details but it was quite traumatic to say the least. It definitely could have been worse though.

I love Japanese food. I'm familiar with a lot of ingredients and dishes, and I'd say I have pretty 'Japanese' taste. One thing I've never heard of though, until I saw it on どっちの料理ショー, was monjayaki. It's probably the weirdest Japanese dish I've heard of. Luckily, I watched several youtube videos about this dish before finally trying it, because I would not have known how to cook it, or if this was how it was supposed to look.

So this it. It's still being cooked. It's like okonomiyaki is a sense that you can make it yourself on a hot plate and you can choose what to put in it (we chose squid). Hmmm... it doesn't seem as structurally sound as okonomiyaki though.

And here is it complete! It kind looks like lava. The molten quality is what made me want to try this thing. You eat it right off the hot plate because it's too globby of a glob to bother putting on a plate.
And you eat it with this little guy! How cute. Hmm so what's my final verdict? While I'm glad I got the chance to try this weirdo thing out, the taste was meh. It was yummy, but not good enough for me to go for again. It took us a while to find a place that served monjayaki, so I think I was way too excited when we finally got to eat it. I was imagining okonomiyaki flavoured mochi, I guess? This was fishy and chewy.
We also ordered a hiroshima okonomiyaki, another dish I've always wanted to try. It was pretty good, cause how can something that's filled with yakisoba not be good? Maybe I was expecting a lot out of this too, cause for me it just seemed like yakisoba with a few extra bits. I guess I have to go to Hiroshima?

18 November 2012

These were cheap so we ate them.