30 July 2010

Had an iffy schedule today so I had a quick lunch out. Went to MOS Burger for my all-time fav... Saku saku chicken burger!!! The fried chicken is dipped in a sweet/spicy/tiny bit sour sauce and then topped with another creamier sauce - win! The cabbage is lovely and crisp and the bun is toasted to perfection. It's so good I refuse to try anything else on the menu.

28 July 2010

I don't recall when I ate this ramen (spicy beef, by the way)... I think I had an awkward schedule that day and stopped for some noodles randomly. Hum. 
This, on the other hand, I do remember! I went on a very productive shopping spree with La P (Pamela) yesterday and we got pastries from a pretty bakery to re-energize. Pam got banana bread while I helped myself to a peach danish. Good stuff!

23 July 2010

Dear Steph is off to Singapore for school next week so I met up with her one last time. We had lunch at the restaurant she worked at this summer and it was lovely! Of course the staff was super friendly (they miss her dearly) and because of Stephanie's good looks and charm, we got some stuff on the house ;) Oh the perks of knowing the hostess/receptionist! So to start off, I had prawn cocktail and Steph had steak tartare.
Fruit punch on the house and we ordered a side of yam fries (Our absolute favorite. Whenever we order steak back at school, we have it with sweet potato/yam fries.)
I had the mushroom risotto for my main and Steph had the hanger steak.

And dessert! The set lunch came with angel food cake garnished with honey comb candy (love love love honey comb) but we were also surprised with this brownie ice cream sandwich, again, on the house! It had a caramel sauce and candied walnuts - super!!

Steph, I wish you much luck abroad and I will try to enjoy the next school year without you (it'll be hard but I think I'll make it...)

21 July 2010

Yesterday I missed lunch so on the way to the library I stopped for some afternoon tea - crab cakes, potato slices (I don't know how else to describe them haha), cheese cake and a mini pepperoni pizza. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it was very average...
And this afternoon I had the best ice cream in the entire universe - soft serve twist of vanilla and matcha :D Accompanied with mochi and matcha jelly. I could not stop talking about how good this was. In fact, I will keep telling you guys - it was fantastic. SO GOOD! BEST THING EVER!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!

19 July 2010

TOY STORY 3!!! Watched it today with Pam, Lenny, Ann and Regina. It was terrific. Complete your life by watching it asap. Enjoyed a very filling meal of chicken satay and fried rice right after. I  also stole a bit of Lenny's pad thai :P I should've taken a photo... it was very orange...

Main point: Watch Toy Story 3.

14 July 2010

After my driving lessons, met up with Kelvin and Vivien for lunch. Waited a while for a seat but it was well worth it - we got table #1, muahahaha. Oh, that and the food was pretty tasty too :P I ordered katsudon which came with salmon soup and a side of udon. So much food! Good choice of restaurant, Kelvin.

12 July 2010

I eat this a lot at school, but now that it's summer I seem to have a pho withdrawal... Enjoyed this lovely bowl yesterday with coconut juice :)

11 July 2010

For his birthday I took my little bro out for a sushi lunch. It's a million times more fun when the food is on a conveyor belt! FYI - I didn't photograph all the sushi we ate but the ones up there are seared shrimp and salmon.
And dinner! Beef stronganoff, oxtail in Burgundy sauce and cream spaghetti with mushroom and bacon.
Not food related... but after dinner we drove up to the top of a mountain to look at the view.

8 July 2010

Busy day yesterday... had a quick lunch at IKEA because I wanted to have Swedish meatballs and they remind me of two of my house mates who are going on exchange to Sweden.

Dinner was with Steph at that Thai place again. Loved it! We had shrimp sashimi with an awesome sweet/sour/spicy dipping sauce, red curry with pumpkin, and steamed fish. Finished off the meal with dessert - sticky rice with coconut milk and mango.

7 July 2010

Cooking at Pam's and using her oven for the very first time! Roast chicken and potatoes (recipe nicked from Gordan Ramsay) for dinner along with a simple salad. YUM! Dessert was carrot cake (aka our love child) requested by her mother complete with cream cheese icing. The oven was on for the whole afternoon and we almost sweated/baked/dehydrated to death but look at the great stuff that came out!

4 July 2010

More dim sum with family. Perfect brunch!
Late nights at Pam's watching the World Cup. Here are snacks and such while watching Germany VS Argentina. What a generous hostess! Mmmm love the bacon pretz... but I don't particularly like bacon...