30 March 2011

Be here now.

Dinner with Jeff and Gary. They enjoyed bento boxes and I had my beloved pork bone soup

27 March 2011


26 March 2011

Gnocchi con Porcini
The special! Seafood linguine

Dinner on Friday with Glassa and Elisa at a lovely Italian place that Elisa recommended... followed by dessert elsewhere -  we were joined by Linda :) Happy days
Dying raspberry cheesecake
Funky Tiger Limon? Key lime pie and lemon meringue pie to make a super pie!
Golden smore sundae

21 March 2011

I really wanted pancakes

18 March 2011

Is that spicy? Hmmm... yes.

Tapas at an art auction on Tuesday night

14 March 2011

Really wanted wings.

ngo tong gary.

13 March 2011

Homework snack... basketball!

Dinner with Elisa followed by Renee's birthday partaaay. 

8 March 2011

Spontaneous and early dinner with Miss TB.