29 February 2012

Sponsorship search with Megan! We were quite successful, so we rewarded ourselves with some McDonalds yeeaaahhhhhh

26 February 2012

Ramen with Heather, Jack and Megmeg
And then wine and cheese (and TLC) with Mack and Megan. I attempted to make baked brie... how did it fail so miserably??

24 February 2012

Thanks Kelvin, pour les chocolats!
Dinner after squash with Alvin and Michael. Managed to avoid the waitress I didn't want to see.
And then drinks later on in the evening
Day two of Kelvin's visit. MMMMMMMMM burgers. and WAFFLES!
Yay made lunch with Kelvin. Caesar salad and macncheeeeese :)
Ramen with Linda, Stephie, Alvin and Michael
Thennnnn MIL-ES-TO-NESSSS :D Good times :)
Happy Valentine's Day <3 Red velvet cake for a fundraising bake sale (joined by other red velvet cupcakes...)
I couldn't decide between a savory or sweet crepe so I got both :) Photo cred: Alvin 
Opening of Prologue! I got full on chip/crackers/cheese/dip but still went to have bubble tea and dumplings later with Megan, Mack and Turner.
It's so nice that I'm usually craving sushi (as if yesterday wasn't enough sushi) when Mack is craving sushi too :) Sushi with Mack and Meg

16 February 2012

How did I spend Valentine's Day? With Megan, Emily and FOOD.

14 February 2012

 Nothing like timbits during break.

10 February 2012

OM NOM NOM Sushi with Nevil and Alvin. I actually got SO full off this stuff.
Back to my favorite burger place with Alvin. The sliders are sooo cute! Still can't finish this stuff... but I got ice cream anywayyy
SingCon is done! Zomg what a great show. Celebrated with the execs at a dessert place. It was also dear Mathieu's birthday :) I love my team <3 p="">