29 November 2013

Snack time! Brioche thingy.

28 November 2013

Satisfying my yearly craving for Indian food with Karen and Charis.

Got into some heated discussion. Good times. Seriously.

23 November 2013

Oh dear. Why do we do this Kelvin?

22 November 2013

Lunch with the always splendid Steph at a Greek place.

The desserts.... gahhhhh... too good. I have such a sweet tooth. Going back there again someday.

21 November 2013

Tea with Matt. Groupon deal, good thing, cause I wouldn't have paid full price.
Then dinner with papa

17 November 2013

 Went to yum cha with Karen and Papa

8 November 2013

Another hike with Steph. Bought some snacks :P

6 November 2013

 Chestnut and almond bread. YUM

2 November 2013

 Lunch with Kelvin. He had katsudon and I had a mixed don with all my fav things!
 Froyo after!